List Links Amazon Sellers Don't Have Books List At High Prices Most Buyers. Amazon is able to discount books 50% or more because they don’t need to earn the same. For example, in 2012 amazon demanded a 45% discount deal with a small publisher, mcfarland & co., nearly doubling the current discount and making it impossible for mcfarland & co.

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7 quick tips for selling your books online. Be sure to research and choose the type of seller account that’s best for your online store. Constantly review amazon best practices, audit, test, and refine your seller account.

Depending On The Channels You’ve Chosen, And The Price, Your Royalty Will Vary.

Decide how you will fulfill orders. Choosing the wrong seller account type. In 2010, amazon refused to sell books from macmillan, one.

I’m Wondering Though, Why Do Some Sellers, Usually From America, List Them At Massively Inflated Prices?

7 quick tips for selling your books online. No analysis of pricing strategy will be complete without dealing with the scourge of amazon book selling: To make a profit through the books sold on amazon.

For Example, In 2012 Amazon Demanded A 45% Discount Deal With A Small Publisher, Mcfarland & Co., Nearly Doubling The Current Discount And Making It Impossible For Mcfarland & Co.

No problem there of course, all normal competition. You can see that at a price of $12.95, your royalty for “expanded distribution” is only $1.93. The most common problem i see when books aren’t selling is that the books you’re trying to sell don’t have good sales ranks.

Acme Books, Which Was Selling The $691.

Amazon assigns a sales rank to each one of their books. We saw one copy of moby dick listed at amazon at a mere 284 pages, while other editions had over 700 pages. The sales ranks of your books are too high.

$1 (Transaction Fee) + $3 (Commission) + $1.60 (Closing Fee With Estimated $3.99 Shipping) = $5.60.

Make your listing “unavailable” and very quickly the drop shipper disappears. The mega sellers & others who continually undercut and totally tank the prices of books. Decide what type of books you want to sell.


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