Download Can I Buy My Own Book On Amazon Most Buyers. To a large degree, gone are the days when ebooks sold for $97, but it’s extremely unusual for people to sell ebooks on their own site for only $2.99, the going rate for kindle books. To do this, head over to your region's variant of the amazon website.

10 Free Amazon Kindle Books 4/15/15 Stretching a Buck Stretching
10 Free Amazon Kindle Books 4/15/15 Stretching a Buck Stretching from

Now, amazon enables you to purchase multiple copies of your ebook in a single order. Copies which you order from your own createspace. But if you sell on your own website, you can set your price however you like, from $2.99 all the way up to $59 or more, which can mean earning a lot more per ebook.

Promote And Market Your Books.

You won’t need to seek them out. I said above that amazon’s sweet spot for ebooks is $2.99 to $5.99. You're never too lazy to be rich (amazon link), which has a createspace provided isbn and i have ordered author's copies which i can give away, etc.

Since Every Type Of Book Genre Has Different Average Price Points, You May Want To Consider Playing Around With Your Price A Bit To Find Your Selling “Sweet Spot.”.

However if you are using the isbn issued by amazon you cannot use the same isbn elsewhere. The main page basically looks like this: Last week they announced a new bulk purchase option for kindle ebooks.

You Can Sell The Book Elsewhere But You’ll Need To Get A New Isbn From That Retailer.

This can be your own name or a pen name. From there you can price your book at anything higher, say $9. Asking three friends to buy the book (~one minute) aaron always has my back, no questions asked:

Although Amazon Is Very Important, It Can’t Be Your Only Marketing Strategy.

1 tap “books” at the top menu bar at your kindle fire and you will go to your kindle library. The second edition by bob and i was a paperback—published in 1990 and has been reprinted several times. Most people just pop straight to the orange button and buy it or, in this case, click on the button corresponding to the edition they want (kindle, audiobook, hardcover or paperback) then buy it.

There Is A Real Bargain For One Of My Books:

Copies which you order from your own createspace. Here's a gratuitous self promo of my book, do nothing, get rich : Pack and ship your books.


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